Founder Ave Salon

Millions of ideas appear in his head, some have been poured out in a myriad of achievements in the world of fashion and beauty. No anyone who thinks, including himself, will be successful and has a big name until now. He is the man behind AVÉ Salon and Bridal, Ave Sanjaya. At the beginning of his career, in his mind he would not have had ability to apply makeup, to designing wedding dresses. His skill in juggling the appearance of a woman became very it was amazing, got the nickname “the magic hands”. Perseverance and hard work have realized a myriad of ideas, to carve out a lot of achievements. Dress designs, as well as results the creation of her face and hair makeup, often coloring various media mass. The story was not left behind being appointed as a character inspire. Age does not necessarily make it stagnant in terms of innovation and keep abreast of trends. Integrating technology and tradition in fashion and beauty, it’s not difficult for him. Achievement tree began to grow from 1981. When Ave Sanjaya won first place in the makeup selection with the theme of Indonesian Night Makeup Viva cosmetics are held. Then reach third place in the event continued, at the national level. In 1983 Ave won the national championship in the Tien Soeharto Cup. In 1984 won the first place in the Asia-Pacific cosmetology competition held in Taipei. He won the best title among 65 participants. His name is soaring, various media are starting to highlight. Year 1985, he again won the Cup Mrs. Tien Soeharto, won second place. In 1987, Ave won the ASEAN makeup competition held in Jakarta. Not satisfied ‘just’ being a hairstylist and makeup artist, a fad Ave buy fabrics to make wedding dresses. A package make it easier for consumers to get beautiful makeup as well as a matching dress. From fad, fruitful professions are involved professionally, which makes it a fashion designer famous in the city of Semarang. Which cannot be missed, Ave Sanjaya has a mission to mature its employees. He is not tired of educating, encouraging and guiding employees to continue to grow. Have credibility and keep innovating. Ave believes that each one employees with specialties they have, are artists in the world of hair and beauty. This can be seen from some employees who have won national hairstylist competitions and international. He tried to instill, work not only to make money, but also to seek knowledge.