AVÉ Salon’s long journey has described many achievements. Like documentation that records unforgettable events. Begins from a ‘small’ salon in one of the small towns in Central Java, up to now has several branches in Semarang. From small flowers and invisible, transformed into large flowers and possesses fragrant name. AVÉ Salon was born in Kudus, Central Java in 1978. The Salon serving hair care and styling, to facial treatments (facial). All acted alone by the owner, Ave Sanjaya, with assisted by two employees. A salon that broke down stereotypes in small cities, and able to use new technology just become a trend in the world of Indonesian candidacy at that time. Pivot point technique. The historical record is on the day of the year then (1979). Ave Sanjaya held the first annivesary event massive, a hair and beauty show that uses the movie theater as the venue for the event, which is titled “Saturday Night Fever”. Fashion shows in the series of events taking the theme “Dangdut in Fashion”, because in that era the film Rhoma The rhythm is rising. Then in 1985, AVÉ Salon spread its wings with open a salon in Semarang. This is the debut of AVÉ Bridal. Ave Sanjaya who was nicknamed “the magic hands” did not initially have experience in wedding dresses, but with perseverance and a lot of exploring ideas from anywhere, he managed to create a dress beautiful as a matching makeup and hair makeup The magic hands’ magic results. Increasing customer trust, number of consumers which is widespread, as well as trends that are running fast, making AVÉ Salon moves forward by adding two more branches at the same time in 1995. At Citraland Mall and Pasaraya Sriratu (which now located in Sultan Agung). Then in 2012, AVÉ Salon opened the salon again with an industrial-style interior concept, which break the appearance of an exclusive salon that generally carries elegant style. In the same year, AVÉ Salon began to innovate fairly out of the box as well as fresh in the fashion show world. That is to hold a musical fashion stage, which is then followed some fashion designers and some actors in the fashion industry. More than just a hair and beauty salon, AVÉ Salon & Bridal is a place that is a perfect melting between art, culture, aesthetics and technology in fashion and beauty.


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AVÉ Salon and Bridal is a harmonious whole in offering beauty treatments, hairstyle and dresses bride. AVE consists of three beauty salons and a bridal boutique located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. The salon offers care and styling with the concept who is out of the box. With an industrial-style interior, which carries its customers get service, care and results best, with a homey, unique and edgy atmosphere. While the bridal has a wedding dress collection of two people famous fashion designers, Ave and Novita Sanjaya, father and daughter each of which has a different design characteristic. Para experts in the AVÉ Salon Artistic Team, have won various achievements in the field of hairstyling, both for professional categories and ‘young talented’, nationally and internationally, such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. AVÉ, which was born in 1978, is a simple salon dare to break the grip on haircut trends in Indonesia. Able to follow and create their own trends, so they become pioneer in Semarang. Salon that follows consumer’s wishes but do not lose his character. As a trendsetter, two of them are the only ones salon that once held a model selection entitled “Election Bride Face “(1998 – 2013). As well as routinely organizing musicals fashion shows every year, starting in 2012. Bridal and Salon make AVE a sweet package perfect for prospective brides, to look beautiful without having to change his personality. A woman who is transformed like a princess from fairyland by wearing a dress, makeup and gown hair from AVE Salon and Bridal, will emit a personal aura who are honest and confident. AVÉ Salon and Bridal has the principle that every woman has the right to appear and feel beautiful by being himself, whatever kind their skin, hair and body shape. According to the quote famous for Kevyn Aucoin (1962 – 2002), a well-known makeup artist United States, “beauty has a lot to do with character,”.


Millions of ideas appear in his head, some have been poured out in a myriad of achievements in the world of fashion and beauty. No anyone who thinks, including himself, will be successful and has a big name until now. He is the man behind AVÉ Salon and Bridal, Ave Sanjaya. At the beginning of his career, in his mind he would not have had ability to apply makeup, to designing wedding dresses. His skill in juggling the appearance of a woman became very it was amazing, got the nickname “the magic hands”. Perseverance and hard work have realized a myriad of ideas, to carve out a lot of achievements. Dress designs, as well as results the creation of her face and hair makeup, often coloring various media mass. The story was not left behind being appointed as a character inspire. Age does not necessarily make it stagnant in terms of innovation and keep abreast of trends. Integrating technology and tradition in fashion and beauty, it’s not difficult for him. Achievement tree began to grow from 1981. When Ave Sanjaya won first place in the makeup selection with the theme of Indonesian Night Makeup Viva cosmetics are held. Then reach third place in the event continued, at the national level. In 1983 Ave won the national championship in the Tien Soeharto Cup. In 1984 won the first place in the Asia-Pacific cosmetology competition held in Taipei. He won the best title among 65 participants. His name is soaring, various media are starting to highlight. Year 1985, he again won the Cup Mrs. Tien Soeharto, won second place. In 1987, Ave won the ASEAN makeup competition held in Jakarta. Not satisfied ‘just’ being a hairstylist and makeup artist, a fad Ave buy fabrics to make wedding dresses. A package make it easier for consumers to get beautiful makeup as well as a matching dress. From fad, fruitful professions are involved professionally, which makes it a fashion designer famous in the city of Semarang. Which cannot be missed, Ave Sanjaya has a mission to mature its employees. He is not tired of educating, encouraging and guiding employees to continue to grow. Have credibility and keep innovating. Ave believes that each one employees with specialties they have, are artists in the world of hair and beauty. This can be seen from some employees who have won national hairstylist competitions and international. He tried to instill, work not only to make money, but also to seek knowledge.